Whether you’re a true romantic, or you care more about the commercial opportunities that come with Valentine’s Day, did you notice that tangible feeling of softness in the air yesterday? You can assume it’s because people stepped out of their heads to connect with their hearts. And then they put out those good vibes and we were all affected.

During my teens, the region I grew up in faced the threat of war. It was like my childhood had been put on hold: all around me were gloomy adults struggling with uncertainty, expecting bad news at any moment. Pretty soon the economy went down because no one risks doing business in such a climate. My young eyes saw those fears and feelings in the air turned into a real thing.

If you lead a team, keep your senses tuned in to the moods in your kitchen, chef. Sure, it might take second priority to the numbers, but so often those at the top don’t really see all there is to see. 

Be sure that you don’t miss the unseen.

Good vibes

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