In my last article for The Staff Canteen, I looked at the bigger lessons for us behind the headlines of 2018. Two things that really stood out for me were the Netflix show The Final Table, as well as automation in our industry.

For 30 years (my article incorrectly said 20), the MasterChef formula has over-simplified our work to cooking and being critiqued, and it’s time for us to fully represent what goes into professional cooking. Although many chefs have greatly benefitted from the exposure, I’m sure there’s enough creative talent in television to find better ways to celebrate them.

What’s disturbing about automation in our industry is not that it’s imminent, but how technology companies frame their innovations as ‘solving problems’. But no one seems to be considering the real problem here – that someone could potentially lose their chance to practice a profession that they love.

You can read the article here.



Lessons from 2018

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