Today we engage in a little bit of time travel. Fast forward to the future for a moment. Imagine you’ve arrived where you wanted to go this year. You’ve hit the target, achieved that goal, finished the race. Let me ask you: what’s the view like from up there?

Take a moment to feel into this:

  • What are you now enjoying in your life because you’ve achieved your goals?
  • Who have you become in the process of this journey?
  • What has changed in other areas of your life as a result?
  • What have you let go of ?
  • New skills, new habits, new attitudes, new ways of being – even if you’re not able to foresee it all, can you feel the difference in you?
  • What are you most looking forward to?

Your goal might be overwhelming, too far away in the future, even a little impossible to achieve. But really allowing yourself to live in that end result – even if you’re visualising and feeling it for just one moment – is a powerful tool that opens you up to realising your dreams. Athletes use this technique all the time. And like yesterday’s exercise, you are simply getting more clear on what you want. Would you agree that is the first step on any journey?


Chefs in 2017: What’s the view like?

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