Oh, did I need these lessons this week! While applying for funding to create a tool to help you in the kitchen, I came up against fears around proving why I (and therefore my project) was a worthy investment. It wasn’t until a friend reminded me of my ‘why’ that I found my centre again..

What do you do now that you’ve identified your story around money and where it comes from and the truth behind it? You now have the ability to detach yourself from that story. Though it’s easier said than done, the next step is simply crossing the bridge from not experiencing the state of prosperity you want to actually living in it.

Again using my example, I can now see the truth that my cultural background and gender are not obstacles to my being prosperous. That in itself opens me up to the possibility of a new experience: I’ve made room for something to shift in my current situation. What this gives me is the courage to take a few steps in the direction I want to go – for example, applying for that funding or finding another way to offer my skills to support my project.

Crossing the bridge is often a case of taking small steps and gaining small wins that allow you to experience a new story, as opposed to winning the lottery overnight. When that first win comes your way, you feel encouraged and move towards the next step and then the next one.

It somehow requires you to just trust in the process and that your intention will be met. It works because you’ve got out of your own way, chef – you’re now not looking for evidence of that old story anymore but you’re willing to go with the flow of life!





Chefs in 2017: Prosperity consciousness – IV

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