Prosperity is a big topic, worthy of a course in itself. But I cover it here because this probably will apply to many of you: your relationship with money will indirectly effect whether you achieve your goal or not. 

After all, if you want to lead a kitchen, you’ll definitely be paid a higher wage. Maybe considerably higher than you’ve ever earned. But what if deep down you’re not comfortable about having access to that kind of money? You might unconsciously push away great opportunities or maybe blow away all the extra money you do make on being promoted. Or if you want to own a restaurant but don’t feel responsible enough to handle money, you might not give an investor enough confidence to back you. No matter how brilliant a chef you are. That’s why it’s vital to get clear about your story around money. Which one can you relate to below, or is it something else entirely?

  • I’ll never make enough of it
  • I don’t want to think about it
  • It never stays with me for long
  • It’s out of my reach
  • I don’t need a lot of it
  • I don’t care
  • It’s not for me

Whatever your money story is, just become conscious of it, without judgment.

Love Letters to Chefs is holding a space for chefs to make a better living. Because the truth is that there is enough to go around. But we can only get there when we are tuned-in to prosperity.



Chefs in 2017: Prosperity consciousness – I

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