Week 12 is check-in time at Chefs in 2017. This series has thrown a lot of information at you the past three months and at some point you need to stop to regroup. Do you feel any more confident about achieving your goal, chef?

We started with getting clear on your goals. Being honest about where you are. Where you want to go. How to frame your goal. What it’s going to feel and look like when you’re successful.

Then it was time to get more intentional. Examining what you need to do and who you need to be. But all this is pointless if you’re not really looking at all areas of your life and how this goal will impact it. You sometimes have to look for a deeper meaning – why are you doing this? Because even when it’s hard, you will be motivated to do little things to make progress.

Did you struggle with motivation? That’s where you need to take a look at your inner game. Just imagine what it would be to like to stay where you are. Last week, we took a look at attitudes and thoughts we’re not aware of that could sabotage our efforts to get to our end result. Yes, examining things that lie deep in our psyche is the uphill part of the ride. But it’s so needed! Success only comes easily when you’re a 100% aligned with your goal.

Over to you this week. Take some time to see how you’re doing. How you’re feeling. How things are looking. Make note of the little victories, the big setbacks and what you learnt from it all. How you showed up. Remember with gratitude how life showed up to help you. Is there anything you could do better or differently? And if you’ve gone off track completely, don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up. This is as good a time as ever to reaffirm your commitment to your goal. 2017 is, after all, only a quarter old!

Enjoy the rest of the journey, chef!


Chefs in 2017: Check-in

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