If the last post was a call to look out for everyone on your team, this time we take a step back for a broader view.

Have you ever thought about your own impact on the industry you work in?

This is not only for those who make big contributions like creating a new food trend or cooking technique. But each one of us has a role in the shaping of our world. The question is, do you see it?

Every chef I’ve met has talked about some experience in their career where someone stood in the way of their progress or something prevented them from fully integrating into the team. I’ve seen it first hand too – a chef takes a dislike to a new hire or someone already on the team, and pretty soon, they’re weeded out. Sure, some personalities might not be a good fit for your team at all. But if you’re not giving them a chance to settle in or bring in their full capability to work, then aren’t you the real problem here?

We’re experiencing  an acute shortage of chefs in the industry for a number of reasons. But is that really any wonder? Think about it: each of us, in our own bubble, oblivious of not holding real value for the people we work with. Do you see what we’re bringing to the table collectively? 

What’s your role in this?

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