As a human, one of our greatest needs is to belong. When we’re part of a team, a culture or a clique, we can prioritise being accepted so much that we forget who we are. You’ve experienced it, no doubt, as I have. You let someone get away with bullying, even though that behaviour doesn’t fit in with your values. Or you follow the others and cut corners, even though you’re aware of the possible consequences.

It’s not always that you can take a stand for your opposing views. Sometimes you just have to watch things unfold before your eyes. But even in that moment you can know your truth and what you stand for. Maybe that’s not the crowd you should hang out with. Maybe you take what your someone teaches you with a pinch of salt. Maybe you resolve to face situations differently to your parents.

In having the courage to own your truth, you’ll never struggle to be seen or heard. The people around you will sense that and will think twice before testing your boundaries. And you’ll draw to you people, places and things that are more perfectly aligned to who you are, chef.

Know who you are

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