One of the hardest things about the cheflife has to be staying focussed when you’re constantly reacting to what the kitchen brings your way. That doesn’t exclude us from achieving our goals, but things often take longer without a laser-sharp focus. Over the next three days, I’ll be sharing a couple of tools I use that help me focus: feel free to adapt them to your own circumstances.

This practice has been powerful: I’ve set an intention for each month of this year, usually by choosing a word. For example, my word for March was Resourcefulness. I can tell you that I’ve learnt how to make better use of what I already have and not worry about what I don’t. It’s made me look at whether how I spend money really is in support of my big goals. I’ve opened up and asked for advice instead of trying to figure it all out myself.

I ended the month with a sense of ‘I can do this’ about my goals, and of course, feeling more resourceful. It’s definitely a practice that works – try it out for yourself, chef!

Focus: Intention

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