I recently heard the coach David Neagle ask, “Who is setting your goals?”. It gave me the chills, because about a year ago, I was forced to find answers to that very difficult question. And my #BetterCheflife programme has evolved from that enquiry.

At a time when we’re becoming increasingly disconnected from ourselves, we’re not making enough space for self-reflection. Are we aware of who or what has influenced us, what we do and how we do it? What’s really behind the choices and decisions we make? What informs how we show up or who we show up as? I urge you to pause for a moment and bring those questions to your own cheflife. Because the answers will give you feedback on your own authenticity.

Consider how you spend your most scarce and precious resource: time. Are you being truly authentic in how you choose to spend it, chef?

(I’m excited to launch my #BetterCheflife programme in October for chefs who are looking to take a deep-dive look at their work-life balance. Read more here.)

#BetterCheflife: Authenticity

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