Intro to LLTC – VI

I chose this image because this is probably the most relaxed I have ever seen chefs look!

To conclude the week-long intro to Love Letters to Chefs, I turn the spotlight on you. What are the specific challenges related to work-life balance that you would like more instruction on? Is it:

  • Dealing with the stress of the kitchen after your shift
  • Keeping burnout at bay
  • Lack of fitness or difficulties managing physical/mental health issues
  • Feeling disconnected from those that matter to you
  • Being unable to nourish yourself well
  • Getting all your ‘life admin’ done during your free time
  • Losing your sense of purpose
  • Something else?

I invite you to comment below or email instead. Please do not hesitate, because by sharing your own requests, you are also helping many others on this platform.

Thank you, chefs!

Intro to LLTC – V

How can Love Letters to Chefs support you?

Online workshops: This is for you if you find it a challenge to balance the various aspects of your life alongside your work or would like to learn some fundamental ways of doing it  better.

1-1 Consultations: For those chefs who are struggling with an issue that has its root in poor work-life balance (burnout, health issues, etc.) or those who fear that their career might become unsustainable following recent changes to their circumstances (in their work or personal life).

Team workshops: This is for team leaders who want to empower their staff with the tools to create a positive work-life balance, thus ensuring their wellbeing and ultimately their success as a company.

More details and booking information here on the website!

Intro to LLTC – I

Hello everyone! This is an introduction to Love Letters to Chefs for those who have recently joined and also for those who have been longtime supporters. Thank you, firstly, for following.

Love Letters to Chefs is now an educational platform offering workshops, guidance and inspiration for busy chefs who want to enjoy a better work-life balance, prevent burnout and build a sustainable career in the industry. To clarify, when I say chef, this is the UK usage of the word, which means that this work is in support of anyone who cooks in a professional kitchen, no matter what their title is.

I hope you find a lot of value from this page – not just encouragement, but also by trying to implement the suggestions and positive changes that resonate with you.

Besides the messages shared here on social media (wherever you are reading this: IG, FB or Twitter), additional resources on this topic are shared exclusively with members of the Community. Please sign up if you would like to be a part of it – there is a link in the bio to join. It will be a privilege to have you join us!

Live intentionally – II

Whatever you aspire to be successful at – your work, your role as a partner or a parent, your contribution to your community, or all of these – you will have to learn to live intentionally, as we explored in the posts here over the past two weeks.

The very first step then is to make sure that you optimise the time you have for yourself. You put structures in place in your life that supports you in stretching your professional capabilities. Those same structures will ensure that you nurture your relationships even when they are not at the forefront of your mind like your work commitments are. Your biggest contribution to your community is when you show up whole and in command of your life.

Because that inspires everyone to seek that same quality. Monday’s webinar teaches you that foundational piece of using the time you have to benefit you and your aspirations. You can find more information and sign up via this link.

Live intentionally – I

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

– Will Durant

If you want to become successful at what you do, it goes without saying that you will have to choose to live intentionally. You might know this because you already model someone successful in our industry and be familiar with what it has taken for them to get where they are.

To constantly grow, expand your creativity, balance your work and your personal commitments with new opportunities that come your way requires making tough choices and being extremely clear about where you want to go and what will help you get there. Especially in an industry like ours where we get pushed and pulled in a million directions by the demands of our work. You will need to be anchored in your own vision for the success of your career.

Chef’s Day Off: How to optimise your personal time

Next Monday, Love Letters to Chefs is holding a webinar that looks at how making the most of your time off allows you to enjoy a better work-life balance as a chef. This training will be packed with practical tips that you can apply immediately to your own schedule. It will cover:

– What it will take for you to enjoy work-life balance in Hospitality

– How you can structure your life to make room for what is important to you

– How you can incorporate practices for rest and recovery between shifts

This 30-minute webinar is free. It will be held on Zoom, but booking is essential as spaces are limited. Please sign up via the link in bio.

Emulate positive habits

You know how they say that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person?

I urge you to not just emulate the food or plating techniques of the famous chefs you admire. Also study their journeys and how they conduct their lives. What are the structures they put in place for their learning and growth and for balancing the various aspects of their busy lives? What positive habits can you emulate and implement to suit your own life ambitions, even in a small way?