Despite the messaging we get from our kitchen culture, our work and a fulfilling life outside it do not have to be mutually exclusive. We can take the steps to review that line of thinking, tune into what our thoughts and values are on that matter, and take the necessary actions to build the well-rounded lives that we might desire to live.

In this, the final workshop for 2020, we address all of the above. The training is designed so you get to work through each one of those steps, so you can build a vision for that well-rounded life. Furthermore, you are supported for three weeks following the workshop: you do not have to be working on your new positive habits in isolation.

This is a great opportunity for you to step into the busy season and then the new year with a healthy approach to work-life balance: no matter what your rotas look like. Join me for this 1.5 hour workshop next Monday delivered on Zoom. Please sign up via this link and DM if you have any questions.

Workshop 26th October: reminder

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