The Create Your #BetterCheflife workshop for September will be held next Monday the 21st. This training covers principles that will support you in creating a more balanced cheflife, which eventually feeds back into your work itself and enables you to enjoy a more sustainable career.

You will learn how to put in place strategies that help you:

  • Deal with the stress that you encounter in your shift
  • Make time and space for your personal commitments
  • Tackle the challenges that you know you need to address, but struggle to given your demanding work schedule

The 1.5 hour workshop is delivered via Zoom and is being offered once again on a Pay What You Can basis so that it is accessible to all chefs.

I hope you will join me, chefs! Click here to read more and book. Please also share with any chefs who might benefit from this training.

Workshop 21st Sept: Create Your #BetterCheflife

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