A female hospitality worker at the doorway of the dining room of a restaurant where people are seated at a table.

I often get asked if my work is aimed at women in kitchens, but I always have to point out that it is not my calling. Even though I recognise how big the fight is. But right at the outset I was convinced that the diminishing of women and feminine energy adversely affects all of us.

What would it mean for mental health in the industry, for example, if we made room for vulnerability – a quality that holds feminine energy? How much would our teams thrive if we worked with flatter hierarchies, recognising everyone’s contribution? I could go on and on. But the question I will address during Monday’s interactive session is this: how can reconnecting with feminine energy help women in Hospitality enjoy a better work life balance?

Bookings for this session close tomorrow evening. Join us!

Women in Hospitality

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