I often get asked if my work is in support of female chefs, but I quickly point out that is not my fight. I advocate for a better quality of life for all chefs and never felt I could turn my back on one part of the industry. Especially having worked mostly with men, both in Construction and in Hospitality.

But it was important for me to speak up about the lack of support for women in our kitchens in my blog for The Staff Canteen last month. The truth is that the dynamic hurts men, too.

“This is the question that I want to address in this article: what do male chefs stand to gain from not supporting their female colleagues? Will acknowledging women undermine their status in a very competitive industry? Each of us lends our own unique flavour to the chef collective. So if you’re not putting your own individual energy into developing that, but into inhibiting the growth of your female colleagues, or asserting your status over them, your energy is being misspent, chefs.”

You can  the whole article here.

Will anyone stand up for female chefs?

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