For my Staff Canteen article this month, I look at those trends that are creeping up on us – the ones we’re not quite so keen to incorporate into our kitchen culture:

The earliest of chefs went above and beyond to impress their wealthy clients with their creations and capabilities. That same drive inspires us as chefs to push the frontiers of cooking today. But is this the time for some healthy pragmatism?  

Isn’t it time to review how we work and what we create? Aren’t we responsible, in part, for the expectation that we create in our customers? For me the contrast is clear: an architect works to their client’s brief. Even though we’re eventually serving the public and their tastes, as chefs, we get to define what we create and how we produce it. Which also means that we create our own problems, in a way.

You can read the whole article here.

What’s in store for our industry?

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