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For anyone in Hospitality making a change in their lives for work life balance: the transition is going to be uncomfortable. You might have had to make a hard choice. Or take a big decisions. Maybe even initiate a difficult conversation, so that you can enjoy better wellbeing than you currently enjoy.

Very often the change requires delicate negotiation with someone else: a customer, your employer or your spouse. They might not want to make adjustments or want things to be different. You might face your own doubts about whether it will all be worth it, in the end.

I do not have words of consolation for you, but I invite you to remind yourself of why you want this change in the first place. More time with your family? Peace of mind? Less stress? A little rest, so you are ready for the next shift?

Later this month, I am opening up coaching sessions to support Hospitality professionals navigate these big changes. Watch this space!

Transitions are uncomfortable

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