Poster for The Work Life Balance Conversations with Melinda Dorn of CulinaRecovery

I had the opportunity to interview Melinda Dorn of CulinaRecovery, which offers peer-led mental health training & support for the restaurant industry. She beings by sharing her thoughts on how dealing with work life balance is never modelled to us. Neither at culinary school, nor by those who lead our teams. Which is why she encourages us to form connections with those outside our industry – at the very least, for the benefit of gaining a different perspective.

“..but they didn’t show me how to live outside of the restaurant business. We were very encapsulated in culinary school – it becomes, you know, a competition with your peers. It becomes a very work and study focussed life for a few years.”

Melinda is a former chef and a certified peer specialist and recovery coach. She is based in Denver, Colorado. We talk about, amongst other things, work addiction in the Hospitality industry.

You can find out more about CulinaRecovery here and watch the interview via this link.

The Work Life Balance Conversations: Melinda Dorn, CulinaRecovery

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