Launching today is a new series of conversations on work life balance with industry professionals and change makers.

While all of us agree that it is a challenge, we rarely acknowledge just how much our work life balance impacts us. And yet, the solutions can be found in small actions and decision.

I am excited to share this interview with Chef Taffy Elrod, who shares how she gave herself permission for self care. Forced to adapt to life at a slower pace after closing her restaurant during the pandemic, she describes her process of unlearning the old ways of being that she adopted as a chef. 

“ someone who has just been indoctrinated in that understanding and that way of living, everyday it’s still a decision for me. I’m going to decide that I’m worth this time. And of course, that as I get older, I need to do this to take care of myself.”

Taffy is a seasoned chef, former restaurant owner, culinary instructor and recipe developer based in Hudson Valley in New York State.

The Work Life Balance Conversations: Chef Taffy Elrod

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