Two men at a restaurant table (one seated, one standing) discussing, while referring to a schedule on a tablet.

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities

– Stephen Covey

There are multiple layers to work life balance, but the simplest route to achieving some kind of balance is to schedule your priorities. This does not mean that it is easy for us to do as chefs, given our schedules. Which then makes it difficult for us to know how to stick to our priorities. If you can relate to going round in circles trying to achieve your wellbeing goals, this is the reason behind it.

Next week’s webinar titled ‘Sustaining your positive habits after lockdown’ addresses this very topic. You will learn strategies that help you step out of that endless loop of struggling to sustain your wellbeing goals. Are you ready to enjoy more balance in your life, chef?

This is a 30-minute training conducted via Zoom. Please book your place (£10) via this link.

Schedule your priorities

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