This Work Life Week I invite you to take a moment to appreciate all that you do to support your work-life balance.

Acknowledge the sheer mental and physical effort it takes to balance your priorities as a chef: the tough choices and sacrifices you have to make, the invitations you have to decline, the last minute change of plans you have to account for. Not only do you have to juggle a demanding career alongside other responsibilities (parenting, partnerships, etc.), but you also have to navigate modern living, which is convenient but complicated. I hope you will be able to connect to these truths.

Below are what some of the chefs in this community have shared as practices that support their own wellbeing:

  • Chef Huda runs a baking business while dealing with health issues, so she builds relationships with her customers that allow her to work around those challenges
  • Chef Rudolf has used the support of another team member – they kept each other accountable to head home at the end of a shift to rest, instead of staying on longer than needed
  • Chef Brian Powlett and his wife Abby make sure that they spend quality time together
  • Chef Kathryn mentally prepares before the start of a shift by relaxing with a cup of coffee
  • Tessa and Elliott Lidstone have their daughters join them for the staff meal at the restaurant they run
  • Chef Geneal makes time for himself even during holidays spent with family and friends

Your turn now: what stories and wellbeing hacks do you have to share? Please comment below.

National Work Life Week 2020: Appreciate yourself

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