A Head Chef talking to his team in the kitchen

I would not be able to do justice to the topic of stress and how it affects our work life balance without addressing how the workplace itself contributes to that problem. Because change in our industry has to happen at both the individual and collective levels.

We never dare to ask, “How should an individual experience this industry?”. Instead, the narrative is often about how to make working in Hospitality sound attractive to new jobseekers. But we do not see that the younger generation are incredibly astute.

While conducting interviews for my Staff Canteen article titled New Millennium Chefs, I learned that one young chef refused a job offer with a well-known individual, simply because he did not want to be mentored by someone whose character he could not respect.

This might be one anecdote, but this is our new reality in Hospitality. Anyone who is trying to preserve the status quo or look the other way is on the wrong side of history. And no amount of window-dressing will cover up the dark side. Our only recourse is to make the light shine brighter.

Moving towards change

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