Text reads: Give yourself a break

I’m back! After a little self-enforced break.

I had a trip to see my family in India already planned for July, but when a health issue (sinusitis) bookended that holiday, I forced myself to stop showing up here completely.

Which is something that I almost never do with LLTC. For those of you who have been here a while will know that I run Chefs at Christmas even over the year-end break.

It was interesting to listen to my own rationale of why I should just carry on working in July. Of course, there were practical reasons. 

But there were also stories I was telling myself.

Stories that I had made up about what would happen if I did this or if I did not do that.

The break with my family was super important to me – especially after we had gone through a bereavement earlier in the year.

And the reality was that LLTC did not fall apart because I stepped away.

But I made my own needs less important than showing up here, because _____________ (insert story).

This dilemma is super common to anyone who works in our industry. 

And needless to say, it is super uncomfortable. 

Because it means having to choose which is more important.

The smile on your customer’s face, or the one on your child’s.

Perfecting every detail for the big wedding at your venue, or making the time to plan your own with your partner.

Of course, a certain amount of sacrifice that is expected of you. That is just the nature of our work. 

But how much of it is a story you tell yourself – that you cannot do or enjoy something, because of ____________?

We often blame the industry, when in some cases, it might be our ideas of who we have to be that could be the problem.

Let me ask a different question.

What do you want some time and space for in your life right now? Let’s have that conversation so we can make that happen for you.

Give yourself a break

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