Back in May, I shared the above framework that explains how confidence goes hand in hand with wellbeing.

For those of us who are heart-centred leaders in this industry, it can be so easy to get stuck in this dynamic.

You find yourself in a never-ending loop.

This dynamic between your confidence and your wellbeing can persist infinitely.

It is frustrating because see the part you are playing in perpetuating this.

But it can also lead to more serious consequences like burnout.

The good news is that you now see how that dynamic is created, therefore, you have the power to change your experience.

On Monday’s webinar, I address what you can do to step outside of this pattern.

And have more of both: confidence and wellbeing.

This training is for women in Hospitality who are leaders or aspiring leaders (BOH or FOH) or women who run their own food business.

I would love to have you join me, or for you to send this invitation to the women on your teams who will appreciate this teaching. Please note, they will have to sign up individually.

The deadline to sign up is tomorrow. (And I encourage you to sign up even if you cannot attend. You will get a link to the replay).

Confidence and wellbeing go hand in hand

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