Nicolas Bosetti and Mario Washington-Ihieme of Centre for London presenting their report

Commissioned by the Mayor, the Centre for London recently undertook a study to explore what measures could encourage more young people to take up our profession and also retain experienced chefs.

I was privileged to inform their research, as well as to attend the launch of the report last month at Claridge’s. One of their valuable recommendations was for food businesses to align themselves with the Mayor’s Good Work Standard, which means that they will be called to implement practices that allow for better work-life balance.

Chefs from all over the world have shared with me how the sudden departure of a colleague overburdens them. Whether their restaurants are either unable or unwilling to act quickly to restore things back to normal, I cannot say. But I know for certain that yet again we’re having it spelt out for us: it’s time for us as an industry to start valuing our people.

Centre for London Kitchen Skills report

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