Poster for Coaching with Love Letters to Chefs - support for female leaders in HospitalityThey break you down to build you up.

All of us in Hospitality have experienced this at some point, usually at the hands of those with more authority on our teams. Especially those of us who have worked in the kitchen.

Needless to say, when this happens, your confidence takes a hit.

But before you have a chance to process that, you have to get back to work and prove your worth by getting it right the next time. So you simply carry on.

But some damage has been done.

You do not recognise this until you are presented with a big opportunity for growth. And then the doubts and fears creep in. You question whether you can pull it off.

When I unpack this with a client, we find that there is usually some event from years ago that led to those feelings of self-doubt. Even if they were the most capable of women.

When we work together to really see the truth behind those events, their energy is freed up and they can once again look forward to the new challenge, rather than fear it.

The truth is that the people who break you down are only going to build you up as far as it suits their agenda.

It’s never really about your potential beyond that.

But when an exciting new opportunity shows up, you have to operate from your full potential: all of who and what you truly can be.

Which is why it really changes your game to have someone who sees that in you.

And helps you lean into that potential.

Today, I open up enrolment for coaching for female leaders in Hospitality who are ready for that kind of support. Simply book a 30-40 minute call with me to get started, so we can determine if this is a right for where you are now.

 I cannot wait to see how your journey unfolds! 

Building you up

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