Our kitchen culture once taught us to compartmentalise our work and our personal lives. But we are no longer able to ignore the impact that these aspects have on each other. We now return to work without having fully unpacked the relationship between the two. At the same time, all of us want to experience better working lives than we used to.

Love Letters to Chefs is offering 1-1 support to Hospitality professionals who want to gain more clarity on how to navigate work life balance on their return to work after lockdown. This is for you if you want to:

  • Aspire towards a professional goal without neglecting your wellbeing
  • Retain the momentum on the wellbeing practices you started in lockdown
  • Overcome a challenge that you face on returning to work

These 45-minute sessions will be held over Zoom and are open to all Hospitality professionals. Sign up to book your place on the session. 10% of the fee will be donated to the UK charity Hospitality Action, which provides vital assistance to those who work in our industry.

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1-1 Consultation: Navigating your return to work

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