As a chef, you can probably relate to some or all of these issues:

  • Feeling like the world doesn’t completely acknowledge your hard work; feeling unseen and unheard
  • Cooking for people all day but giving little or no thought to your own nourishment
  • Working in a toxic work environment with little room for progress
  • Being constantly judged if you’re good enough, and projecting that same judgement on others
  • Being burnt-out
  • Largely putting other people’s agendas before your own
  • Living in survival mode 365-24-7
  • Drugs and alcohol help you get through life
  • Breakdowns in your close relationships owing to the chef lifestyle and culture
  • Life and work being constantly hard – you’re not really in the flow of things

It’s probably not often that you get to stop and reflect, but have you ever envisioned a different reality: a richer, more rewarding life and work? This is what Love Letters to Chefs is all about: holding that vision for chefs and helping them fulfil it.

The title here does not imply that chefs are currently asleep. Instead, what is offered is an opportunity for chefs to awaken to the truth that, as Gandhi said, you have to the the change that you want to see in the world.

The journey consists of six steps:

  • Separate the grain from the chaff – see the real truth about your life, your work and your vision
  • Take stock – be grounded in what you really have to offer the world
  • Write your own recipe – what’s the vision for your life?
  • Nourish yourself first – build self-awareness
  • Alchemy – being in flow in life and in work
  • Look beyond the plate – systems thinking for a broader perspective

This is an invitation to join Love Letters to Chefs on a rich, rewarding journey.