Last Saturday’s post was all about simple things you can do to broaden your artistic abilities. Would you agree that it’s not too difficult to soak up ideas from other art forms? But that’s only the first part. What’s next is to reinforce your learning. That comes from curating those ideas that inspired you.

So what can you do? Ensure that you record that inspiration, whether it comes from plates on Instagram or the patterned tablecloth at home. I would advise getting a sketchbook (it doesn’t have to be expensive). If you are comfortable with conveying your ideas through drawings, use that. If not, create an online album of photographs, a scrapbook out of images from magazines and whatever notes you need to put down.

I’m sure like most chefs you keep notes on recipes, so it’s not all that different.  The idea is to use your sketchbook in the way that suits you – whether it’s to describe a technique, or your interpretation of the plating style, or even to reflect on how a material or ingredient was used. Maybe you’ll be inspired to immediately develop recipes and will head straight to the kitchen!

And make sure you update your journal or sketchbook regularly – either on your days off or by shaving 5-10 minutes of TV watching. The practice you’re trying to build is engaging with your learning. It’s one of the fastest ways to grow, even if you don’t have many opportunities to learn a lot at work. No matter your circumstances, it puts the responsibility for your career in your own hands. It will all pay off one day.

Hold on to inspiration

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