Do you love being a chef, but struggle to find balance between your work and other things that matter?


Here’s how the #BetterCheflife workshop can help you:

Firstly, let’s put aside the quest of finding balance in the cheflife. That’s a burden you don’t need to carry, chef, much less the guilt that comes from constantly disappointing those you make commitments to.

Let’s instead focus on what’s doable. This workshop will help you become more ‘integrated’ – so you’re not neglecting any aspect of your life, but finding space for what’s equally important to you alongside your passion for cooking – whether that’s your family or your own wellbeing.

But this isn’t about a quick fix like taking a look at your schedule. Here are the outcomes you can expect:

  • Clarity: We’ll use a powerful tool to take a big-picture look at your life and identify what actually matters to you and what really needs your attention
  • Authenticity: Once you’re clear on what matters, we’ll craft a blueprint that’s your vision for your life
  • Sovereignty: We’ll brainstorm what actions you can take to honour that vision of your #BetterCheflife




You can choose to be the architect of your #BetterCheflife.

Whatever that looks like for you, chef!


Who is it for?

Is this you? You’ve built your whole life around your career. Everything else takes second place. But the poor work-life balance has cost you:

  • Your relationship has suffered and you’re facing an ultimatum from your partner
  • Your health has declined and you’ve received a wake-up call from your body
  • You’ve reached breaking-point: burnout has set in and something has got to change.
  • Or you could be feeling deep discontent: you’ve woken up to the fact that you’re not cooking the food you want to

The ‘cheflife’ leaves you with little time and energy to fix the problem. When there’s so much going on at work, you can’t help but put everything else on the back-burner. After all, it’s what you’re firefighting that always gets your attention. But it doesn’t have to be this way, chef. 

If you’d like to find out more about how the workshop can help you, book a complimentary 30-minute session here:


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How it works

#BetterCheflife is a 3-hour workshop conducted online, during which I support you in taking that deep-dive look at your work-life balance. It’s divided into three sessions which will combine both exercises and teaching elements. We’ll work at a pace that suits you.

The workshop uses a free video conferencing software called Zoom. I recommend blocking out time (4 hours on your day off) and space (somewhere where you have peace, quiet and access to a computer).

You’ll get:

  • Clarity on what actions you can take to create your #BetterCheflife, plus support and encouragement with taking those actions
  • A recording of our session so you’ll always have access to what we’ve covered
  • Articles selected just for you that will help you implement what you learn on your journey ahead
  • A follow-up call to check-in on how you’re doing after two weeks
  • Most of all, someone who is here to listen to your dreams and cheer you on as you create the life you want

This is the investment required from you to make your #BetterCheflife a reality:

  • Your commitment to creating your #BetterCheflife – because it won’t work without your dedicated effort.
  • An investment of £100 ($135), which is, in reality, an investment in your life, chef. It also honours me for the time I put in to support you before, during and after the workshop.
  • That you bring an open mind to the workshop. Show up fully, because what we’re going to explore is important.

The session was very powerful and through the use of specific tools I was able to get a more holistic view on my life and reconnect with my values, which led me to immediately book a trip to spend some quality time with my family – Marco R., London


How would you show up in the kitchen if you were living your #BetterCheflife?


What I bring to the table:

I know having a good work-life balance is easier said than done, which is why I want to help you, because it makes a world of difference to have the support of someone by your side. I trained as a pastry chef and really got to see how demanding our industry is. But this is where my first career as an architect also helps: my work revolved around giving shape to the visions of my clients. And many of my projects were refurbishments, so I know what it is to work around limitations.

I have relentlessly pursued personal growth since my teens, and have been fortunate to train with many renowned coaches. But even with all the knowledge, it wasn’t until I prioritised what matters to me that my own life changed for the better.

And I want you to enjoy the same rewards, chef.

Working with Ishoo was a pleasure. I deeply appreciated her honesty, kindness and patience. During times where I would become worried, Ishoo would gently guide my focus back to the bigger picture. Her helpful reminders of my bigger vision provided me with calm. I am thankful to have worked with her – Monique B., Los Angeles




Book a complimentary session if you’re ready to create your #BetterCheflife


 Are you ready, chef?

If creating a #BetterCheflife resonates with you, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute session with me. We’ll get clear on your challenges and aspirations and take a look at your current work-life balance. And we can determine whether the programme is a good fit for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch. You can either email me at or send me a direct message via Instagram (@loveletterstochefs).


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