Does the cheflife have to be this way?


About Love Letters to Chefs

Love Letters to Chefs is a platform founded by Ishwariya Rajamohan to help passionate chefs navigate the challenges of our profession. This is for you if:

  • The old ways of being a chef are just not working for you: We’re taught that everything else besides work takes second place, but you know that your work suffers when your relationships are strained, your health (both mental and physical) is compromised or your kitchen is not a supportive work environment.
  • But what’s the new way? Even if you’ve taken steps to bring positive change into your cheflife, the path is far from easy. Because the industry and our ways of working won’t change overnight. You recognise that you’ve got to get creative and make the most of the circumstances, while forging a cheflife that works for you.
  • What you’ll find here: Inspiration, guidance, tools and workshops to support you, so you show up to the work you love so much more powerfully.

Why Love Letters? Because this work comes from a place of genuine caring for the welfare of chefs. Welcome to the Community!




About Ishwariya Rajamohan

Ishwariya gave up a career in architecture to train as a pastry chef and pursue her childhood passion for baking. While working in pastry kitchens in London, she was struck by how little we valued ourselves and each other.  And how this influenced every aspect of what it means to be a chef – whether it’s chasing perfection in the kitchen or neglecting our recovery after a shift.

She found herself at a crossroads in March, 2015 when she developed a complete distaste for food – a frightening experience for someone who pored over cookbooks before she learned to read. She decided to leave the industry, but her work was far from finished. She created Love Letters to Chefs to answer this question that arose for her, “Does the ‘cheflife’ have to be this way?”

Ishwariya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Master’s in Environmental Design and a Diploma in Intermediate Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, London. She has relentlessly pursued personal development since her teens and has been fortunate to study with many renowned coaches.